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Employee Management System (EMS) allows businesses to plan, manage, and track employee work performance, including requirements, employee schedules, and paid time off (PTO). Renexus Employee Management System offers many features that allow organizations to optimize workforce efforts, predict work demand, develop and assign employee timetables, track attendance, and report on workforce efficiency.

Renexus assists businesses in building an effective work environment by providing the best solutions. Employee Management Systems are generally executed in HR departments, though companies may use some standalone products without a standard HR department. Our Employee Management System (EMS) provides self-service possibilities that allow employees to check PTO balances and request days off on their own without disturbing HR workflows. EMS can be implemented as an integrated HR management or a standalone software solution. Employee Management System frequently integrates with third-party HR applications, with core HR systems, in particular, acting as a central repository for workforce data.


Price is a big problem for many organizations, but it shouldn't be the only element. We deliver our product of charge and other choices that can work together to make the ideal management system. Consider us if your budget doesn't allow exclusive license pricing because we offer many similar features.


If the system isn't easy to use, you won't employ it or won't want to employ it. Any product should make your business operation easier, not harder to accomplish tasks. With our EMS, you'll get an easy-to-use system that can save time and workplace problems.


If an employee sends an email, you'll get access to them rapidly. You can send automated replies so that employees aren't wondering when you'll get to them and will be informed once the task is done. With all this, you won't have to be concerned about taking the time to email them or making tickets on your own based on what information was delivered.

Core Features
  • Time, attendance, and leave management
  • Employee self-service
  • Performance management
  • Learning management
  • People analytics
  • Employee database management

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